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Amazing Adventures, is a Swiss Travel operator, founded in 2010. Traveling with us means: Extraordinary experiences - as our name promises!


Amazing Adventures includes:


- Amazing Cruises: Charming themed cruises on romantic, comfortable yachts - Everything is out of the ordinary! Whether a music tour, a fitness & health tour, a veggie tour, a painting tour, a life-balance-tour, or a biblical tour: It is always exceptional, exclusive, exciting and relaxing at the same time! Simply book a cabin!


- Private Yacht charter: Fulfill your dream of having your own ship and charter one of our yachts exclusively for your family, friends, a corporate event or a seminar with colleagues or business partners. 


- Key Adventures: biblical country trips into antiquity.

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Our tip: Soul-Blues-Cruise

Reisetipp Soul-Blues-Kreuzfahrt


New in 2016: Soul, Blues, Jazz, Pop and Rock on a melodious yacht cruise with Arno Haas through Damlmatia. 

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Our tip: Painting Cruise

Reisetipp Malkreuzfahrt


New in 2016: Indulge in color and emotion on a truly picturesque yacht cruise through the Kvarner Bay.

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Our tip: Veggie Cruise

Reisetipp Veggiekreuzfahrt

Again in 2016:
 Vegan cuisine in Mediterranean atmosphere:
A perfect holiday for vegetarians/vegans.


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Our tip: Iran

Iran Isfahan Amazing Adventures


A journey through Iran is a one in a lifetime experience. Discover a unique mixture of the different cultures of Mesopotamia!

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